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Joke: The Compassionate Golfer!!!

Two men are playing a round of golf one sunny afternoon. The bet was $1,000 per stroke. The game was fiercely competitive and there was no great love lost between the two.

Upon reaching the green of the twelfth hole, something odd happened. One of the golfers approached his ball which lay on the very edge of the green. He eyed it's preferred path to the hole and prepared to commence forward with his shot. All of a sudden he paused; held his head in acute alertness and turned toward the road just outside the Course's fenced boundary. A rather lengthy funeral procession was about to pass by. The golfer removed his hat and crossed it over his heart, bowing his head sorrowfully. The procession lasted nearly ten minutes and the golfer didn't move until the last car passed. He then promptly placed his hat back atop his head, bent over his ball and knocked it straight into the cup nearly 75 feet away.

The second golfer stood in utter amazement. He wiped a tear from his eye and shouted from the fairway, "No matter how the shot turned out, that, my old friend, was the greatest display of pure sportsmanship I have ever witnessed. You showed respect and compassion for the passing of another human life and took time out of your favorite game to do so, even with the risk that the break in concentration may have cost you $1000."

The second golfer nodded and said, "Yes. We would have been married for 35 years tomorrow. I sure am going to miss her."

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