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Joke: Golf Talk!!!

Four men are out golfing, and they are just about to start off when one of them gets a phone call. He steps away to take it, and while talking the other three continue on with their conversation, which was boasting about their sons.

"My son," Said the first guy, "Is in real estate. I'm not exactly sure how he is doing, but lately he has given a good friend a large house as a gift."

The second guy, not to be outdone, talks about his son. "My son is a stockbroker. Just the other week he gave a friend a overly large amount of profitable stock."

The third guy, listening to the other, states that his son was in Car sales, and has recently given a great friend a convertible Mercedes.

Then the fourth guy comes back over after his call ends, and the first guy tells him they were talking about their sons. "Oh," says the first guy. "My son is gay and has no job." The other three stare in horror. "But he cant be to bad at it, because recently three of his ex-lovers have given him a large house, a big stock portfolio, and a convertible Mercedes."

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